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Shopon Hossin
Apr 06, 2022
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It remains to be seen whether Putin will succeed in getting what he wants from Ukraine through this military invasion. However, in terms of his relations with the United States, NATO and Europe, it is going to be a disaster. The Ukrainian crisis of recent months has revealed a very divided «West»: on the one hand, a United States concerned about other issues -in the Whatsapp Mobile Number List Pacific region and with internal political problems- and not willing to confront Russia in Ukraine . US President Biden, who predicted the next Russian invasion on more than one occasion, had made it clear that the United States would not send its troops to defend Ukraine. In Europe, some of Russia's neighbors, such as Poland and the Baltic states, which fear a re-emergence of Russia, have traditionally taken a hard line against Moscow. But the main states of the European Union, such as Germany, France and Italy, sought to normalize relations and solve Russia's security problems through Whatsapp Mobile Number List diplomacy. This third way has been defeated. The Russian military Whatsapp Mobile Number List 24 marks the end of the efforts of Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz. Russia, after consolidating Ukrainian nationalism, will consolidate NATO on its borders. Having reached an all-time low of 70,000 soldiers, the United States could once again deploy new military forces to Europe. The countries of the European Union, for fear of Russia, are going to increase their military spending. Although the current conflict could drive up oil and gas prices, European countries will seek alternatives to Russian energy. The West is going to impose Whatsapp Mobile Number List harsh economic and financial sanctions on Russia. If Moscow, with its more than 600,000 million reserves, can withstand the financial pressure, let us have no illusions about the catastrophic impact of war and sanctions on the world economy, seriously damaged after two years of pandemic.

Shopon Hossin

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